Sajama 6500m. and Acotango 6052m. 6 days

6 Days

Sajama 6500m. and Acotango 6052m. 6 days, this Option is to offer you Before climbing Sajama 6500m., do 6000 summit wich will give more aclimatization to have succees or just you are already on Bolivia and you would like to enjoy the climb of 2 mountains  them are on the same place to climb.

If you would like to climb only one of them:

Sajama 4 days 

Acotango 2 days 

Climbing the Acotango Volcano (6052m.).   It is a volcano located on the border between Chile and Bolivia in the Western Cordillera. Acotango is one of the Quimsachatas, meaning “Three twins” in Aymara. and Sajama 6542 meters, Sajama is the highest mountain in Bolivia and the crowning peak of the Cordillera Occidental.

Both Mountains  can be climbed from Sajama National Park,  The área of Sajama national park is known  too, for its unique high desert flora and fauna (wildlife), such us llamas, vicuñas, alpacas, pink flamingos.  Including forests  featuring quenua trees.    And also the área is    volcanoes and geothermal features. For that reason, on the área there are Geysers,  natural hot springs to enjoy.

Acotango It is the most accessible 6000 summit in Bolivia. It offers a non-technical ascent, a great option to introduce into high-altitude mountaineering, also for acclimatization.

Sajama is a great option for who is expecting a thrillling experience and challenging. The ascending to Sajama is quite difficult. because  its high altitude, cold and some times a lot of wind, also we find on route some very steep sections, which makes more challenging the climb.

Physical Requirements

Climbing Nevado Sajama is very physically demanding, as the high altitude. And strong wind. Also as it is volcanic peak the air  that we breathe is dry.

For that reason is recommended for who will climb it. Has a very high level of fitness and acclimatization,  becasuse it will make the climb easier and more enjoyable.

Weather Conditions

As its extremely high altitude  and being high up in the Andes, it is constantly cold all year round, with temperatures dropping below 0 degrees celsius.

Best season to climb 

The best season to climb sajama is between May and October, as this is the dry season in Bolivia, and will ensure optimal climbing conditions.

Where does the trip to go up to Climbing the Acotango Volcano and Sajama start from?

Generally the trips to Climb the Acotango and Sajama start from the city of La Paz – Bolivia.

Because you can easily reach the city of La Paz – Bolivia by plane, also take advantage of the mountains of the Cordillera Real to practice and acclimatize.


Climbing the Acotango Volcano (6052m.).  starts at 8:00 am  from La Paz – Bolivia, departure crossing the Altiplano to get Sajama village.
On the way we will visit the funerary towers of ancient cultures, these are called “CHULLPAS” in the afternoon we will have a visit to the forest of queñuas “Native trees” visit the geysers, on our way we can observe the typical Andean fauna of the place such as the Andean camelids, Alpacas, llamas and Vicuñas.
Dinner and overnight in the town of Sajama (13,779 ft./ 4200m.) . (Basic hostels with private bathrooms).

Around 2 am. in 4WD vehicle, We will leave Sajama village early in the morning to go to Acotango’s high camp. The climb will begin Progressive climb. The ascend 4 -5 hours will be easy depending on the season we will find snow on the way or ice. at the end of the winter season, it is sometimes possible to reach the summit without crampons.
Magic view from (19,855 ft. / 6052m.) Descent to High camp (2 to 3 hours). Possibility to descent on the rocky part through another route. Descent to base camp where the vehicle awaits us to go Back to Sajama with the vehicle. Then rest and a night in hostel.

This day will be to relax or do some hiking up to  Geysers…..

After having breakfast 8:00 am we will take a car 4WD towards 4800 meters from there we wll do hiking up to high camp 5700 metes  over sand and scree takes about 6 hours. We will prepare for our ascent the next day and spend the evening in high camp.


Our day will begin very early. Wake up time will be in the early morning hours and we will get dressed with the climbing clothing and equipment and have breakfast.

Once prepared, we will begin the ascent. We will have short breaks to rest and eat chocolates and drink water during the ascent. On the way we will walk through sections of scree before ascending the glacier, where we may encounter sections of penitentes.

Upon arrival at the summit we’ll have a wonderful view of the highlands, the surrounding Cordillera Occidental, the nearby peaks of Parinacota and Pomarapi, and the ever unique sunrise itself.

Our descent to high camp will take around 3 hours and upon arrival we will have soup and hot drinks. At the high camp we will re-pack our backpacks and make the descent to base camp. from there we will retun by car 4WD to Sajama Town.  to relax in hot springs and night in a hostel.

We will walk down from the base camp to enjoy a refreshing bath in the outdoor hot springs in the valley below Sajama.

After a soak in the hot spring we will return to the city of La Paz.


  • A professional guide for every 2 customers
  • Crampons, harness, Doble boots, windproof pants and jacket, ice axe, gloves, gaiters, helmet, balaclava
  • Private transportation from La Paz – Sajama  – La Paz
  • 4WD vehicle from Sajama town – High Camp Acotango – Sajama town
  • 4WD vehicle from Sajama town – Base Camp 4800 – Sajama town
  • All meals during the tour
  • Hostel with private barthrom
  • Tent for high camp of Sajama
  • Porters to carry meals  and tents from  and to base camp


  • Headlamp
  • Day Backpack
  • Mountaineerring clothing
  • Snacks for summit attempt
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • 2 liters of water
  • Personal medication
  • Toilet paper
  • Personal items
  • Hiking shoes
  • Guide tips
  • 100 Bs entrance fee
  • Recomended personal porter  for Sajama climb from base camp to high camp  ( 80 dolar round trip 20 kilos)

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Sajama 6500m. and Acotango 6052m. 6 days