Sajama 6542m. -4DAYS

4 Days

 Sajama climb

Climbing Sajama in Bolivia, At 6542 meters, Sajama is the highest mountain in Bolivia and the crowning peak of the Cordillera Occidental.

Sajama is a volcanic peak located in the department of Oruro.  Located just 200 km Southwest from the capital city of Bolivia, La Paz, and also right on the border with Chile

Sajama is a great option for who is expecting a thrillling experience and challenging.

The ascending to Sajama is quite difficult. because  its high altitude, cold and some times a lot of wind, also we find on route some very steep sections, which makes more challenging the climb.

The climbing is through sensational scenery on the volcano itself,  ending with breathtaking  view of landspape  from the Summit, such as  las Payachatas (Parinacota 6.342m. and  Pomerape 6.28m.).

The área of Sajama national park is known  too, for its unique high desert flora and fauna (wildlife), such us llamas, vicuñas, alpacas, pink flamingos.  Including forests  featuring quenua trees.    And also the área is    volcanoes and geothermal features. For that reason, on the área there are Geysers,  natural hot springs to enjoy.

Physical Requirements

Climbing Nevado Sajama is very physically demanding, as the high altitude. And strong wind. Also as it is volcanic peak the air  that we breathe is dry.

For that reason is recommended for who will climb it. Has a very high level of fitness and acclimatization,  becasuse it will make the climb easier and more enjoyable.

From where do the trips starts to climb sajama?

Usually trips to Sajama strarts  from la Paz City – Bolivia.

Because you can easily get to La Paz City – Bolivia by plane, also take advantage of the mountains on the Royal Range to do training and acclimatize.

How is the Climbing Route

The normal route is climbed by all the People.

From La Paz City 4 hours driving  up to the village of Sajama,  from there it is a 3 hour hike to base camp (4,700 m). then 6 hours  walk up to the high camp (5,700 m), and summit attempt, which is roughly a 12 hour round trip. After that descent back to base camp, and then to Sajama.

Weather Conditions

As its extremely high altitude  and being high up in the Andes, it is constantly cold all year round, with temperatures dropping below 0 degrees celsius.

Best season to climb Sajama

The best season to climb sajama is between May and October, as this is the dry season in Bolivia, and will ensure optimal climbing conditions.

  • Private Transport for the group
  • 6500m.
  • AD
  • April to October
  • Base Camp 4700m. High Camp 5700.
  • 1 guide for each 2 customers


Day 1: La Paz to the village of Sajama and trek to base camp

Day 2: Ascend from Base camp to high camp

Day 3: Summit attempt and return to base camp

Day 4: Base camp to hot springs and then return to La Paz

We will pick you up from your hotel in the morning and drive for 3 hours in private transport to the village of Sajama (4200 meters). From a point near the village of Sajama, we will walk 3 hours to the base camp (4700 m). We will have hot drinks, snacks, dinner and then spend the night in tents.

After having breakfast we will begin the hike to high camp. Our hike to high camp (5700 meters) over sand and scree takes about 6 hours. We will prepare for our ascent the next day and spend the evening in high camp.

Our day will begin very early. Wake up time will be in the early morning hours and we will get dressed with the climbing clothing and equipment and have breakfast.

Once prepared, we will begin the ascent. We will have short breaks to rest and eat chocolates and drink water during the ascent. On the way we will walk through sections of scree before ascending the glacier, where we may encounter sections of penitentes.

Upon arrival at the summit we’ll have a wonderful view of the highlands, the surrounding Cordillera Occidental, the nearby peaks of Parinacota and Pomarapi, and the ever unique sunrise itself.

Our descent to high camp will take around 3 hours and upon arrival we will have soup and hot drinks. At the high camp we will re-pack our backpacks and make the descent to base camp.

We will walk down from the base camp to enjoy a refreshing bath in the outdoor hot springs in the valley below Sajama.

After a soak in the hot spring we will return to the city of La Paz.


  • Professional guide for every 2 customers
  • Private transportation for the group
  • All meals on the mountain
  • Camping equipment (1 tent for every 2 persons and kitchen tent)
  • Cookware / stove / fuel etc.
  • Mule support to and from base camp and porter support to and from high camp (mules / porters will carry camping equipment, food supplies and kitchenware)
  • Climbing Equipment:
  • Crampons, harness, plastic boots, windproof pants and jacket, ice axe, gloves, gaiters, helmet, balaclava


  • Note: Personal porter is not included
  • Entrance fee to Sajama 100 BOB
  • Sleeping bag (rated to – 15 º c)
  • Headlamp
  • Backpack (minimum 50 liter capacity)
  • Trekking pants or leggings
  • Fleece jacket and down jacket
  • 3 pairs of socks (one thick)
  • Snacks for summit attempt
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • 2 liters of water
  • Personal medication
  • Thin liner gloves
  • Beanie / woolen hat
  • Toilet paper
  • Personal items
  • Hiking shoes
  • Guide tips


Price for this service

  • 25  Dollars   Sleeping bag (- 15 º c)
  • 20   Dollars   Backpack (50 – 70 liter capacity)
  • 10   Dollars   Headlamp
  • 25  Dollars walking sticks
  • 100 Dollars Personal porter


  • The mountaineering and hiking tours that we offer are highly risky, the customers decides to take the tour with their own experience and travel under our conditions.

1.-  Confirmation and payment:        

  •   After confirming the tour with payment
  • The confirmation is  valid for the date and time indicated on it.
  • The customer is responsible for the tour and must prevent factors that can make themselves sick or injure that can cause to loss the trip

2.-  Tour cancellations :

  •        12 days  before trip day  30% penalty from total price.
  •        7 days  before trip day  45% penalty from total price,
  •        a day  before trip day    60% penalty from total price,
  •        on  departure  day    100% penalty from total price,

3.-  Postponements:

  •     7 days or more  before the tour day  30% penalty from total price,
  •     A day  before tour day  40% penalty from total price,
  •     On  departure  day    100% penalty from total price

4.- Insurance:

  •                 The customer will make the tour on his/her own and full responsibility.
  •                 The price does not include travel insurance against accident, life and medical expenses of any kind.

5.- Climatological Factors:

  • The customer is responsible for choosing his/her travel date.  If, because of bad weather, the tour can not be completed. there is not refund.

6.- Equipment losses or damages during the tour:

  •    The customer is responsible for taking care of all the equipment that we provide. 
  •   In case of damages or losses of any of the gear, the customer must pay for it at the end of the tour.

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Sajama 6542m. -4DAYS