Trekking Cordillera Real -5DAYS

5 Days

Trekking Cordillera Real 5 day the área of Khotia – Condoriri – Huayna Potosi Located in La Paz – Bolivia

Trekking Cordillera Real 5 day. begins in the scenic Khotia region of lakes, includes the opportunity to summit Pico Austria (5350 meters) and camp at the base of Condoriri masiff, also a night at the base of the imposing west face of Huayna Potosi 6088 meters.

During the trekking khotia – condoriri.  we will have breathtaking view of several pristine lagoon, like Khotia Lagoon, Ajwani Lagoon, Jurikhota Lagoon Chiarkhota Lagoon, Wichu Khota Lagoon and red milluni Lagoon. Also views of multiple glaciated peaks all the while, like mountain condoriri (with its figure of a Condor with open wings)  and west face of Huyana Potosi 6088 meters.

In the área. we can observe wildlife, such us llamas, vicuñas, vizcachas…

This trek is a great option for who is expecting a spectacular view and breathe fresh air and walk between the mountains. Also to acclimaize before a high mountain expedition.

we sugest to chek next option in case you have less days to enjoy the place:

Trekking Khotia – 3 Days

Trekking Condoriri – 3 Days  

Day 1.-  La Paz 3600m. to Khotia Lagoon  And Ajwani 4600m.

Day 2.- Ajwani 4600m. to Jurikhota Lagoon 4700m.  And sleep at Maria Llocko.

Day 3.- Jurikhota Lagoon 4700m to  Pico Autria 3350m. and  Chiarkhota Lagoon 4700m.

Day 4.-  Chiarkhota Lagoon 4700m. to Maria Llocko.

Day 5.-  Maria Llocko 4700m. to Milluni and La Paz 3600m.


Departure from La Paz City 3600 meters
We will pick you up from your hotel at 8:00am and we will drive for around 4 hours out of the city and through the Andean highlands until we reach Khotia lagoon. From where We will start the trek. We start ascending to the Contador passage (4750 meters). Later we sescend to the valley near Surakhota lagoon and we continue through the hillside to get to Ajwani 4600 meters. Where we will pass the night.

On this day from Ajwani 4600 meters. we do hiking to Sistana Lagoon in the morning and later we cross Janchallani passage, located at 4900 meters. And from there. we enjoy a breath taking view to peaks of cordillera real. After it we descend to the Jurikhota lagoon 4700 meters. we will set up our camp, at the lagoon shore.

On this day from Jurikhota lagoon 4700 meters. We begin hiking by lagoon shore, enjoying the reflection of the mountain in the lagoon. Later we go upward to the turquoise waters of the frozen lagoon. From there we admire the left wing and the condor shaped head of Condoriri. Then we got to Austria peak3550 meters. the highest of the trek, and from Autria peak, we can see the entire shape of the Mountain Condoriri,(shape of a Condor with its wings spread wide), Lake Titicaca, the west face of Huayna Potosi, and numerous other peaks of the Cordillera Real. Later we descend to Chiakhota lagoon 4700 meters. we will set up our camp, at the lagoon shore.

On this day from Chiakhota lagoon 4700 meters.
We will breakfast by the lakeside and break camp before beginning our trek to Maria Llocko. During our trek, we will cross over two passes, the first with an elevation of 5000 meters and the second with an elevation of 4900 meters. Along the way we will observe the typical fauna and vegetation of the high altiplano.
After around 7 hours of trekking, we will arrive at our second camp, Maria Llocko (4700 meters). Maria Llocko is a scenic spot at the base of the mighty west face of Huayna Potosi and is where we will make our camp for the fourt night.

Today our 3 – 4 hour trek will take us from the west side of Huayna Potosi and over a pass of 5100 meters. After crossing over into the next valley (Milluni), where the private transport will be waiting to drive us to La Paz City.
We usually arrive in La Paz City around 12:00 PM.


  • Private transportation
  • Pickup from your hotel in central La Paz
  • Professional guide
  • Trekking poles
  • Meals on the trek
  • Camping gear
  • Entrance fees and camping fees
  • Mules to carry meals and camping equipment.

To make easier, we prepared a list of essential things to bring for 5 day trekking


  • 2 liters of water for the first day of the trek
  • Daypack
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Extra snacks
  • Trekking shoes
  • Trekking poles
  • Raincoat
  • Trekking Clothes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Guide tips

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Trekking Cordillera Real -5DAYS
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