Ice climbing -1DAY

1 Day

Ice climbing  is a Fullday tour. It is at the base of mountain Huayna Potosi 6088m. Huayna Potosi 6088m is Bolivia ’s most popular major peak in the Cordillera Real. Located at just 25 km from the city of La Paz, Huayna Potosi is known for its ease of access and imposing beauty as well as the fact that it is 88 meters over the magic 6000 meter figure.

Ice climbing Fullday tour is done at 4850 meters high, at the base of the mountain called (Old Glacier).

This tour is for who has just a day and would like to try mountaineering to enjoy an afternoon of ice climbing, walking on the glacier and breathtaking view of landscape.

Physical Requirements

Ice Climbing at glacier  of Huayna Potosi is physically demanding.

For that reason is recommended for who will do ice climbing. Has a good fitness,  becasuse it will make you enjoy the day.

 Weather Conditions

 As  this activity is during the day, the temperaturas is around + or –  0 degrees. Depending the weather.

Best season for ice climbing

The best season to do ice climbing is between May and November, as this is the dry season in Bolivia, and will ensure optimal climbing conditions.

As it is at the base of the mountain, it is done all year round. including the rainy season (choosing the best days to have good view).

 Climbing Route 

In ice climbing fullday tour, Once arrived at the glacier, a short hike is done on ice, using all the mountaineering equipment. then we go to the part, where there are ice walls to do a 90 degree climb. on ice walls of 10 meters high.

If you would like to enjoy the mountain Huayna Potosi more time. There are 3 day Huayna Potosi  and 2 day Huayna Potosi  version.

  • April to November.
  • AD
  • Private transportation for the group.
  • 4900 meters

An afternoon of basic mountaineering technique practice and ice climbing on the glacier at the base of the mountain.

                     Huayna Potosi `s Glacier Route 1 day version 

We will meet at our office at 9:00 AM and then travel on our private transport to the base camp of Huayna Potosi, located at 4700 meters.
We will have lunch at the base camp and then prepare our equipment for an afternoon of basic mountaineering technique practice and ice climbing on the glacier at the base of the mountain. Our walk to the glacier takes about 40 minutes and we will practice for around 2 – 3 hours before returning to the base camp.
From the base camp, we will return on our transport to the city of La Paz and arrive aproximatly 7:00pm.


  • Professional guide
  • Private transportation for the group
  • Lunch at the base camp
  • Climbing Equipment:
  • Crampons, harness, plastic boots, windproof pants and jacket, ice axe, gloves, gaiters, helmet


  • Travel Insurance
  • It is important that your travel insurance also covers mountaineering at a high altitude.

To make easier, we prepared a list of essential things to bring for  ice climbing at the glacier of  Mt. Huayna Potosi:


  • Daypack
  • Fleece jacket / down jacket
  • Extra snacks
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • 1 liter of water
  • Hiking clothes
  • long socks
  • Guide tips

Gear fitting for climbing Huayna Potosi

Gear fitting is usually done the day before the start of your trip. At our office betweem 10:00 am to 18:00pm, where you will try clothing and doublé boots to make sure you will get right zise.

At that time, we will help you with  all your enquiries or questions that you got.

If you do not have time to come the day before of your trip for gear fitting at our office. Do not worry, you can do it on the same departure day. Just come 30 minutes before of the meeting hour at our office. (Meeting hour is usllualy at 9:00am)

NOTE: in case you do not have place where you can  store your personal gear during the trip.

Always we have space at our workshop where you can leave your personal gear during the trip also we can lend you  a bag to store it.

Maybe you got some mountaineering chothing by your own, bring them you can use during the tour.

In case you do not know what to bring for trip,  from your personal gear like clothing, just bring everything  that you got and at our office we will help to chose the right gear or clothing.

Just to let you know also you can store thing that are not necesary for ice climbing at the lodge of Base Camp and pick them up on way down.


The mountaineering and hiking tours that we offer are highly risky, the customers decides to take the tour with their own experience and travel under our conditions.

1.-  Confirmation and payment:    

  • After confirming the tour with payment. The confirmation is  valid for the date and time indicated on it.
  • The customer is responsible for the tour and must prevent factors that can make themselves sick or injure that can cause to loss the trip

2.-  Tour cancellations :

  •        12 days  before trip day  30% penalty from total price.
  •        7 days  before trip day  45% penalty from total price,
  •        a day  before trip day    60% penalty from total price,
  •        on  departure  day    100% penalty from total price,

3.-  Postponements:

  •       7 days or more  before the tour day  30% penalty from total price,
  •        A day  before tour day  40% penalty from total price,
  •     on  departure  day    100% penalty from total price

4.- Insurance:

  •                 The customer will make the tour on his/her own and full responsibility.
  •                 The price does not include travel insurance against accident, life and medical expenses of any kind.

5.- Climatological Factors:

The customer is responsible for choosing his/her travel date.  If, because of bad weather, the tour can not be completed. there is not refund.

6.- Equipment losses or damages during the tour:

  •  The customer is responsible for taking care of all the equipment that we provide.
  • – In case of damages or losses of any of the gear, the customer must pay for it at the end of the tour.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Ice climbing -1DAY