Travelers Reviews

Perfect organisation and experience!  – by  Justinus 

Date of experience: January 2020

My friend and I took the chance to try on Huayana Potosí with JIWAKI, and we can highly recommend it!

Our guide William simply did an allover great job, while taking constant care of safety, informing and motivating us when there was a need.

He constantly prepared every next step, assessed our condition and, most important, set a continuous pace.

The equipment was more than complete and modern, in short words: flawless!
(for example: Petzl crampons and helmet, Scarpa alpine boots and rugged company customized clothes).

We felt safe and well guided at any time, the food was tasty and William took gorgeous photos of us during the trip.

We had perfect weather conditions, only few other roped parties on the way and are in good cardio fitness condition.

The ascent from the altitude camp (5200m) to the summit takes around 5 to 6,5 hours, depending on the speed. It’s exhausting, slightly technical, and you should adapt consequently to the altitude many days before the trip, to be in the best shape and lower the risk of altitude sickness.

Advanced level of mental and physical fitness is necessary.

All the organization matters were impeccable and at a high level of experience.

Thank’s JIWAKI for this awesome experience!


Absolute Pros, book with these guys right now! Huayna Potosi and Pepueno Alpomayo climbs  by Alex W

Date of experience: September 2019

I climbed with Jiwaki for both Huayna Potosi (3D/2N) and Pequeno Alpomayo (2D/1N) and I can recommend these guys enough. I never write reviews but feel very compelled to write one about Jiwaki. They were brilliant

I did Huayna Potosi first, a brilliant introduction to alpine climbing and a good challenge. Juan, Evan and Mario were consummate professionals, these guys know exactly what they are doing. Providing good gear, food and great communication about what the plan is for each day.

They take safety very seriously and will make sure that you are prepared and doing everything you need to be doing. Something I really appreciate on the mountain and not a given in South America.

They are constantly checking in on you to makes sure that you are ok and that able to complete the next section of the climb. They work very hard to make sure you are prepared to meet the challenge, but also really enjoy it! Oh, I so enjoyed Huayna Potosi, amazing to reach 6088m and see the most spectacular sunrise and views out to Lake Titicaca, the jungle, La Paz and the surrounding mountains. It will blow your MIND!

If you are acclimatised and in good shape GO! GO WITH JIWAKI! Its not as hard as everyone makes it out to be if are in shape and an absolute highlight of my 6 month trip to South America.

So I got a taste of the mountain and wanted to try something a little more technical. Jiwaki recommended Pepueno Alpmayo and man was it an incredible challenge.

I was the only one climbing the mountain with my amazing guide Jhonny, so that alone made it an amazing and very different experience to Huayna Potosi.

Pequeno Alpamayo is a 2-day, 1-night expedition. The summit is at 5410m and takes you up a glacier to start, over carvasses and then up a challenging (for a beginner like me) and totally rewarding final ascent. These bring quite a bit more technical climbing than Huayna Potosi and a great option for those looking for a little more.

You really need a good guide for this climb, with the technicality, brings more challenges and ultimately safety issues than Huayna Potosi. Jhonny was incredibly focused and obviously an incredible good and experienced climbing. I felt safe and supported throughout, Jhonny kept me prepared and helped me push through one of the most challenges of my life. It included a 50 degree 200m ice climb, some steep rock climbing and abseiling and man was it fun.

The reward was huge! Thanks Jhonny!

If you are thinking of doing any climbs around La Paz, you need to go with Jiwaki!!

True professionals!  –  by Jakub Cejpek 

Date of experience: August 2019

I went with Franz and other guides from Jiwaki to Huayna Potosi three times in three years (with different groups from the Czech Republic) and I was always astonished by their professionalism and friendlines. They have a good tactics, encourage you to climb to the summit and most importantly – get you safely down the mountain. Equipment is up-to-date and catering excelent. I highly recommend.


2 summits. Just perfect !  by Benittoo

Date of experience: July 2019

I did Huayna Potosí and Illimani summits with Jiwaki. All the best. Everything was good organized, equipment was new and the guide was the best. Ask for Ivan, friendly and professional.
I recommended without hesitation Jiwaki.

Top Quality Trip  by Noah M  

  Date of experience:May 2019

I highly recommend Jiwaki for Huayna Potosi. My 2 brothers and I (novice mountaineers, in our late 20s/early 30s, in decent shape) did the 2 day climb. The 2 day vs. the 3 day provides less time to acclimatize and thus is an added challenge, and still we successfully summited with the help of Jiwaki. Pricing, newness of equipment and quality of guides is where Jiwaki seems to standout. Whichever company you choose, be wary of altitude sickness because the headaches and nausea can be real!!

All the equipment was new enough to still be in excellent condition and seemed to be of good quality though not brands we recognized as Canadians (note we’re not mountaineering brand experts).

Finally the guides we’re real professionals, focused on safety, knowledgable and willing to share that knowledge. We had a group of 8 attempt the summit while we didn’t all succeed, we were all well supported. Our ratio of guides to climbers was 1:2, which allowed for us to voluntarily break into groups of similar speeds based on our fitness and ability to cope with altitude. Furthermore guide pairings were based on language abilities. All guides could communicate basics in English, but non Spanish speaker climbers were paired with Jiwaki’s more English proficient guides. Throughtout the climb there were numerous examples of Jiwaki guides demonstrating their knowledge of the mountain, mountaineering and safety. We all learned a lot of basic mountaineering skills even on the 2 day trek. I think you’d learn even more on the 3 day.

One word, excellent.   –  by Jacques

Date of experience: April 2019

Illimani climbing, People are very nice at the office, good English speakers.
Advices for weather and mountain gear are excellent.
The mountain gear provide have top quality.

For the climbing itself, the guide Willy Wallace is simply awesome.
I feel very safe all the time with this friendly, competent mountain guide/ super chief cook.

Thanks to Jiwaki for this unique experience .