Camping gear rental Bolivia

Camping gear rental Bolivia

mountaineering equipment rental Bolivia

Jiwaki has a large of variery of mountaineering equipment for it`s tours.

If some one is planning to do some treks and climbing in La Paz – Bolivia by their own.

Jiwaki`s  mountaineering equipment is available to rent out for individual or groups.

Camping gear rental Bolivia

List of mountaineering equipment for rent per day:  

Plastic boots  (numbers uk 5.5 to uk 10)6dólar
Plastic boots  (numbers uk 11 to uk 13)10dólar
Trekking boots 5dólar
Harness 4dólar
Helmet 4dólar
Head lamp3dólar
Ice axe 5dólar
Tents for mountaineering 2 people. 12dólar
Tents for trekking at mountains 2 people. 8dólar
Tents for hiking at yungas 2 people. 5dólar
Sleeping bag – 10 º c 10dólar
Sleeping bag – 5 º c 6dólar
Sleeping bag – 0 / 2 º c 4dólar
Trekking poles3dolar

In case you do not find something you need on the list.

Feel free to contact us, we will help you.