Private Transpot services in La Paz – Bolivia.

Private Transpot services in La Paz – Bolivia.

You are who do not like guided trip and shared tours. You are who love to enjoy the place by your self maybe with friends . but you need a transport service.

Bellow, we leave you a list of some places where you can visit by just taking a private transport service from la La Paz City.

Valle de la lunaHalf day 40 minutes35    dólar 

Muela del diabloHalf day1 hour45    dólar 

Valle de las animasHalf day1 hour60    dólar 

Valle de las animas +  cañon de  palkaHalf day 75    dólar 

Valle de las animas +  Valle de la lunafullday 75    dólar 

TiwanakuHalf day2 hours75    dólar 

ChacaltayaHalf day1.5 hours65    dólar 

Pico austria (rinconada)fullday2.5 hours70    dólar 

Condoriri (rinconada)fullday2.5 hours70    dólar 

copacabanafullday3.5 hours110  dólar 

coroicofullday3.5 hours80    dólar 

Huayna potosí ( base  camp)fullday1.5 hours65    dólar 

soratafullday3.5 hours100  dólar 

Sajamafullday4 hours140  dólar 

Private Transpot services:

Next option is to moving from one place to another, also starting or returning from a trip.

PlaceHow long?A Taxi  1 – 3 people  A minibús   for 4 – 10 people  

Transfer aeropuerto, in / out
40 minutes25 dólar  One way45    dólar  One way

La Paz – Copacabana
4 hours90 dólar   One way155  dólar  One way

La Paz  – Sorata
4 hours90 dólar  One way155  dólar  One way

La Paz  – Tuni (condoriri)
2,5 hours50 dólar   One way85  dólar  One way

La Paz  – Rinconada (condoriri)
2,5 hours50 dólar  One way85  dólar  One way

La Paz  – Huayan potosí (base camp)
1,5 hours40 dólar   One way75  dólar  One way

La Paz  – Botijlaca
2 hours60  dólar  One way95  dólar  One way

La Paz  – La cumbre
1 hour40  dólar  One way65  dólar  One way

La Paz  – Coroico
3.5 hours75  dólar  One way135   dólar  One

La Paz  – Chairo
3 hours75  dólar  One way135  dólar  One way

La Paz  – Piñaya town (illimani)
3.5 hours90  dólar  One way155  dólar  One way
La Paz  –  Sajama (town)4 hours110  dólar  One way175   dólar  One way
La Paz  – Mina San Fransico2,5 hours65  dólar  One way115   dólar  One way